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Eden Aromata
Relax & Remedy

We are passionate about food.  We’re different that way. Whether we’re making a vitamin, or a probiotic, or protein powder, we always start with real foods and these (foods) provide our formulas with the power to be their best. We’re different that way, too.  We seek to source and provide the world’s best organic ingredients for better health, build lifetime relationships, share the health culture, give back more than we take, and better the lives of our customers and our community. We aim to share our knowledge on the merits, health benefits, and spirit of our product range. We decided to form a company to identify and import the highest-quality matcha available and provide our customers in UK and EU with the world’s best in health and well-being food ingredients. Three principles guide what we make and how we make it at Garden of Life:

The Science of Whole Food - Your body was created to eat, process, and derive its nutrition from food—real, healthy food.  So, when we create our products, we start by looking at food. What is the “good stuff” in the highest quality food that we are missing in our diets? Which of those foods have the greatest potential to impact—and empower—extraordinary health?

Clean Organic is healthy - We start with what goes IN our products—true, whole food ingredients. But we don’t stop there. We also pay very close attention to what we keep OUT of them.  And once again, we look at food—real nutrition food. When is the last time you picked up an apple, turned to read the ingredients, and saw a list of chemicals?  If it’s not in your food, then we don’t want it in our supplements.  We use the following third-party (never self-affirmed) certifications to prove we are clean!  Click on them below and see.

Traceability - Traceability is key to what makes Garden of Life’s products so special. Traceability starts with knowing where each and every ingredient in our products come from and getting to know each and every source: where it’s grown; the farming practices; how they pay and treat the farm workers. In phase two we plan to introduce decentralised blockchain platform to allow you to trace products you buy all the way back to farms they are created.

Shop opens on 1st March 2019

our supply chain is unsurpassed from source to shop
We can guarantee:
  • 1Changing The world without changing the earth.
  • 2Give customers the freshest, highest quality foods one can buy.
  • 3We source and supply products that are ethically and organically produced.

Previously Eden Aromata participated in the premier London event at the "Restaurant Show" in Earls Court 2, London.

We had a great stand "D59" near the centre stage which allowed us to talk to visitors whilst keeping an eye on the presentations by master chefs like Simon Rogans of of Michael Moore's', Hamish Brown , Nuno Mendes at Viajante, Ashley Palmer-Wats at Fat Duck Bruno Loubet of Clerkenwell, Francesco Mazzei of L'Anima, Alyn Williams, the national Chef of the year finalist, Tom Merridge of Hand and Flowers in Marlow, Allan Picket and Jeff Galvin and finally Siriam Aylur of Quilon.

We had a chance to introduce the product line to the participating chefs and have a little chat and provide them with a full bottle of Saffron Olive Oil to try and hopefully create amazing dishes for their menu.
The Restaurant Show

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