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Saffron + Olive Oil = 'Saffron Olive Oil'

Introducing Saffron Olive Oil
Our innovative new product presents you with the following benefits:

  1. Eden Aromatacost effective & instant application of saffron in the cooking process
  2. maximum colour release if applied early in cooking process
  3. maximum aroma release if applied late in cooking process
  4. creative and easy cooking with this exotic spice

Why switch from using the traditional saffron strands?

  1. avoid time consuming preparation of ground saffron for cooking
  2. reduce natural wastage
  3. encapsulate saffron aroma in or oil for longer shelf life

Download the leaflet for Saffron Olive Oil by clicking here.

Using the oil

saffron oilive oilSaffron is the most expensive spice in the world, known for its intense colour and aroma when added to food. If added in its dry, natural state as the stamens of the saffron flower, release of colour and aroma is limited.

Usual preparation, therefore involves grinding the stamens to a near-powder form, which is time-consuming and can be wasteful.  Others have attempted to create an infusion of saffron strands in oil. This technique extracts only a small amount of colour and adds minimal value to a typical cooking process, as the colour or the aroma is lost by the time food is cooked.  It is thus a highly inefficient way of utilizing this precious spice.

We have developed a unique method of storing ground saffron in suspension with olive oil, or other edible oils with patent pending. This will eliminate the need for the cook/chef to prepare it in advance for use in a typical saffron spiced recipe and avoid wastage -an efficient and highly effective way to use saffron in cooking. 

Saffron Olive OilWe would anticipate the user of this oil adding it in the beginning of the cooking process to maximise saffron colour output.  For maximum aroma output they would add extra towards the end of the cooking process. Therefore, with this technique the same saffron oil can be used for efficiently maximizing both colour and aroma to the cooking process.




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25 cl. Saffron Olive Oil

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Restaurant show 2011

Eden Aromata has formally launched 'Saffron Olive Oil' at the Restaurant Show 2011 in Earls Court 2 (10 -12th October 2011)

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Restaurant show 2011

Eden Aromata presented the new and unique product 'Saffron Olive Oil' at the UK’s leading trade event for local, regional, national and international fine food and drink.

Restaurant show 2011


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